The Group believes that sustainability should remain at the heart of our operations. Each year, we gather more evidence of the benefits of sustainability for our business, the society and the environment. We aim to continue to uphold our belief and commitment to integrating sustainability into our business and continually look for new initiatives to deliver long-term economic value as well as make positive social, ethical and environmental impacts.

Some of our recent sustainability achievements and Corporate Community Involvement activities include:
  • Awarded the BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS for Luxus Hills Phase 16

  • Awarded the Singapore Environment Council’s Eco-Office Professional certification (valid until 2021)

  • Chinese New Year celebration with the elderly residents of Bright Hill Evergreen Home in February 2019

  • Annual “Plant-A-Tree” event with all our staff who came together and planted 30 trees in Luxus Hills Park on 8 October 2019

  • Donation of Back To School Pack to families residing at Ghim Moh Road in December 2019

  • Donation of pre-loved items to The Salvation Army in February 2020

Sustainable Development

As a leading Property Developer, we strive to deliver fine quality homes that cater to the sustainability aspirations and lifestyles of our customers. We are committed to building homes with innovative and functional concepts by integrating environmental sustainability into architectural design, building details, construction work and providing good maintenance and after-sales service.

Since 2008, all our developments have received Green Mark Awards and Quality Mark Certifications by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore recognising our efforts in environmental design and performance.

Environmental Protection

We place great importance on environmental stewardship. Besides recognising the real and urgent threat of global climate change, we are committed to delivering high-quality sustainable housing developments to realise the benefits of green practices. We also aim to conduct our business in an environmentally conscious manner and reduce our carbon emissions and other environmental footprints.

To better govern our environmental performance, we have established an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified Quality & Environmental Management System (QEMS).

An Environment Sustainability Committee (ESC) was established to spearhead and promote green initiatives in our office. In 2019, in recognition of our continued commitment to sustainability, we have been awarded the Eco-Office Professional certification (valid until 2021) by the Singapore Environment Council.

Since 2015, we have launched an annual “Plant-A-Tree” event to offset our carbon emissions. We plan to continue this initiative and increase the number of trees to be planted every year. This demonstrates our active role in playing a part to mitigate global climate change.

Community and Society

We strive to build and maintain good relationships with our employees and the communities that we operate in. We wish to create a collaborative, competent and safe working environment for our employees. At the same time, we are actively involved in community engagements and service programs to give back to the society at large.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee governs our community engagement endeavours. The CSR Committee selects and carries out Corporate Community Involvement (CCI) activities in line with the Group’s CCI guideline.

Apart from community outreach initiatives, we have also provided donations to help fund programmes run by charitable organisations including SHERA 50th Anniversary & Heritage Book, NKF, Sit-A-Thon, Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Bright Vision Hospital, Lions Home for Elders, ARC(s), SAVH, MINDS, etc.

Human Capital

We recognise that human capital is key to the long-term success of our business. We have taken steps to encourage the development of our employees by giving them an opportunity to realise their fullest potential.

When new employees first join the company, they are orientated on the Group’s business, policies, corporate culture and core values. Our employees are encouraged to attend seminars, workshops and skills programs when a learning need is identified. Through these learning and development programs, we are able to build a strong, capable and motivated team equipped with the relevant skill sets.

Governance and Compliance

We recognise the importance of practising good governance as part of our core values to look after and enhance our shareholder’s values and performance of the Group. We will ensure our compliance with environmental, socio-economic (including anti-corruption) and authority’s rules and regulations (where applicable) through structured, robust and transparent governance. We will be equally diligent in screening our suppliers to meet the acceptable environmental and social sustainability standards.